Hokkaido Mathematical Journal

MIYAO Tadahiro,

Momentum operators with a winding gauge potential.

Hokkaido Mathematical Journal, 34 (2005) pp.159-184




Considered is a quantum system of $N(\ge2)$ charged particles moving in the plane $\Ma{R}^2$ under the influence of a perpendicular magnetic field concenrated on the positions where the particle exsists. The gauge potential which gives this magnetic field is called a winding gauge potential. Properties of the momentum operators with a winding gauge potential are investigated. The momentum operators with a winding gauge potential are represented by the fibre direct integral of Arai's momentum operators [1]. Using this fibre direct integral decomposition, commutation properties of the momentum operators are investigated. A notion of local quantization of the magnetic flux is introduced to characterize the strong commutativity of the momentum operators. Aspects of the representation of the canonical commutation relations (CCR) are discussed. There is an interesting relation between the representation of the CCR with respect to this system and Arai's representation. Some applications of those results are also discussed.

MSC(Secondary)81Q10, 81S05, 47B25
Uncontrolled Keywordsmomentum operators with a winding gauge potential, strong commutativity,representation of the CCR