Hokkaido Mathematical Journal

WANG Zhigang, PEI Donghe,

Null Darboux developable and pseudo-spherical Darboux image of null Cartan curve in Minkowski 3-space.

Hokkaido Mathematical Journal, 40 (2011) pp.219-240




Singularities of null Darboux developable, Gaussian surfaces and pseudo-spherical Darboux images associated with a null Cartan curve will be investigated in Minkowski 3-space. The relationships will be revealed between singularities of the above three subjects and differential geometric invariants of null Cartan curves, these invariants are deeply related to the order of contact of null Cartan curves with null helices.

Uncontrolled KeywordsNull Cartan curve, Darboux image, Null Darboux developable, Null helix